Too funny!

Oh…I do understand that the Hot Coffee issue can be hard to grasp for some, I’ve heard my share of weird explanations, but this just made me laugh!! And I just can’t do anything else but cut’n’paste from Kotaku!

KUTV-2 News anchor Bill Gephardt:

“The government reprimands makers of a popular video game. Bill Gephardt says there’s a loophole in this kid’s game that allows players to see porn. Oops! The Federal Trade Commission says that the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a tricky back door area and with the click of the code word ‘hot coffee’ players can view nudity and play sex games.”

Oh come on! It’s funny!!!

PS. I’m sorry about the blogs confusing layout…something weird is going on with my blog. Links have disappeared and my and papers section have colided! I’m sure it has something to do with my vanity and the desire to change my profile picture a few days back! I’ll try and fix it! But now…the sun is just tooooooooo tempting!

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