"The Days After"

By now we’ve all read about the dreadful Montreal college shooting, which is devestating! And I understand, truely, the desire to find an answer to ‘why?’ – it’s something I ask myself, as well! And ofcourse violent computer games are on top of the medias ‘answers’ list. Bogost discusses this best – I’m not going too dwell on it here.
I just found this machinima film when on a little ‘brain break’ – and thought it was a tad relevant. Just because it’s made using Grand Theft Auto, which usually gets the worst rap when discussions of ‘violent games lead to violence’ occur. I’ll admit it’s kinda sappy – but I enjoyed it. And isn’t it amazing that such a non-violent film can be made in a violent game? I love that!

2 thoughts on “"The Days After"

  1. Thanks, Linn, for posting this film and for your kind words. I was the actor and sound designer for the film. FYI, “The Days After” just won the German Bitfilm award for best machinima. Andre Pesch, the director, is up for a cinematography award at the 2006 machinima festival which is coming up soon. I agree that this is quite an interesting film despite the melodrama. It’s one of the few machinima films (recently) that actually transcend the game they are made in. Andre and I are in production for a second film that will take place in the Days After world. We plan on doing an anthology style series inviting select directors and writers from the machinima community. We are aiming for January for a release date. Thanks again.You can check in on our work at http://www.apollo-productions.tk/cheers, Ricky GrovegToon

  2. Excellent! Congratulations on the Bitfilm award and good luck at the machinima festival! Transcending the game with machinima is such a thrill and so expressive! And as for the melodrama…I don’t know…I’m starting to think this is a prerequisite for machinima – they’re supposed to be a bit over-the-top, I think! And good luck with the second film! Sounds great and I’m looking forward to it! And thanks for dropping by to say hello! ;)

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