Girl Geek Dinners

Cool!!! Barcelona and London organise Girl Geek Dinners! What an excellent concept! Definitely comes on top of my list of “things I want to do when I’m unemployed in a month”. It would really be cool to see all the girl geeks of Bergen gathered for a dinner – I’m just looking forward to finding them! But I’m sure most of them will be just like me asking the existential question, “Am I geek enough to attend a geek dinner?”.

The wiki says: “Someone who is female and has an interest in technology, particularly computing and new media. Not necessarily technically minded.”

Hmm…I feel comfortable with that! But who should be invited to speak and who can we ask to sponsor such an event? Ooooh! My mind’s already excited! And how to advertise to girl geeks! Wow! That’s definitely an interesting dilemma! What media channel to use to reach girl geeks and be taken seriously? What an interesting challenge! Woo hoo!! I’m really psyched!

Finally looking forward to unemployment! ;) Hehe!

4 thoughts on “Girl Geek Dinners

  1. I’ll come too, wearing my Geek-hat. And hey, why not smack Geek Girl-dinner and Girl Gamer-dinner together and have lots of more fun! Also, I’ll make t-shirts with Pac-Man and Tetris and Kings Quest and so on, and maybe some ASCII-stuff too. Parodically pink, maybe ;) Yes, I almost have the logo figured out. Basically, I’m in :)

  2. Excellent ladies!! I’m thinking late January or February! And if any of you know of a Norwegian Xeni, let me know…because I’m having trouble with that! Who should we get to speak? I was daydreaming today and thought Xeni would be excellent, but I’d love to keep it Norwegian. There must be someone, right? I feel like I’m letting down my ‘sistas’ not thinking of anyone. Ofcourse there’s the academics – but I was thinking it would be good to get someone from outside the academic world. And Maren! You’re just too cool to be true! Logo and everything! A true cHixOr event if we bring in gaming as well – hmmm – ideas for funding are popping up!! Yay! This is gonna be fun!!

  3. Well, it does not have to be complicated. I was thinking along the lines of something as simple and ingenious as ASCII. Look: cHixOr for example. I like the univers-style, but roman might do just as well. And maybe caligraphy, kban’s cute. And doh of course, I like doh. Although I don’t know how it will look on a t-shirt, the cheapest way with a light coloured background to the letters might not be the best-looking way. It should be a black or black-greenish t-shirt with white or green letters.. But it would be fun to do the t-shirts in pastel too ;)This Xeni-woman is a little bit scary, isn’t she too perfect? :) I’m for norwegian. I’ll see if I can get any ideas for someone to come talk.

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