When I should have been studying for my INFO 100 exam (I have no idea how I’m going to pass that thing) I had lunch with these beautiful ladies on wonderfully productive Maren’s initiative. It was a great lunch although somewhat sad for me, because these three brilliant ladies are all at the beginning of their Master’s and are about to venture out on writing about gaming. There certainly is a great deal of sorrow in my heart for seeing the back-end of my venture – I was so extremely jealous of their vigor and excitement! Urgh – how emo of me!!!

The hours passed quickly and I’m sure we only covered half of what we wanted to talk about. Topics:

  • games designed for girls – what’s bad and what’s good about them
  • Wii, DS, Consoles
  • Boyfriends helping out with games – good or bad thing (I was silent – but very interested)
  • Hedvig (on the far right) is getting married next summer so we went into a frantic and excited creative spurr of having a Nintendo themed wedding!
  • The price of stuff – pinkishness – and loads of hardware chit chat
  • I learned a lot about the role-playing community here in Bergen – which was REALLY interesting!

Oh – there was just too much to blog about here – excellent and intelligent women who are interested in gaming – it was just such pure joy!!! Just talking about different gameplay strategies for the new games coming out was music to my ears!

Anyways – we’re gonna try and meet up once in a while – and I’m sure others are welcome as well! So if you’re studying an aspect of gaming – let us know! Discussions are passionate, lively and enlightening! I learned so incredibly much and also felt that I could contribute as well! I think we left it that we should meet up before Christmas! Unless I get to work more the weeks before Christmas (which I’m hoping for) – I’m free whenever after December 1st and before December 20th (YAY – SINGAPORE!!!!). In my humble opinion, I think we should keep teaching staff and men out of the equation – but that’s just my opinion, don’t know what the rest of the gals think.

4 thoughts on “cHixOrs

  1. This was very fun, and I’m glad we are doing it again. When it comes to who to include/exclude, I’m most of all interested in the themes of what we’re talking about. As long as it is related to gaming (and hopefully our master thesises) and has some sort of gender perspective in it, I’m happy as a lark (don’t know if that expression works as well in english, though). So if some guy comes along with some interesting perspectives on these things, I’m open to that. I’m a little afraid that excluding men because they are men might be a little bit backwards. But we shoucl probably talk about this.When it comes to teaching staff I’m more likely to believe we will chit chat more openly without them there. I don’t know, maybe I’m being prejudice :) I guess I still have this “grunnfag”-feeling of a gap between student and teacher/professor.And I have to say, your postings are always so wonderfully positive, reading this made me even happier that we had this lunch. Jippi!

  2. You’re too kind!! But I really did have such a great time! When it comes to exclude/include I’m sure we’re pretty much on our own at the moment – which is fine with me. The smaller the group the more detailed and indebth the conversation. When it comes to the teaching staff – firstly I don’t think any of them have any time left over, and yeah – it would be great to be free from academic insecurities. Someone who’s published articles on the subjects we talk about are much more secure and sometimes I find it rather daunting at times. I think we’re still trying to find our academic voices and I think it’s good to just feed off each other for the time being.When it comes to sex, I certainly agree with you and definitely see your point in not excluding anyone! I suppose I’m just being selfish here, because it was so incredibly nice to talk…well…girly, about games. It was kinda liberating, I guess. For example – I’ve been thinking a lot about Age of Conan lately and the testosterone of the game and the whole Conan thing makes me wrinkle my nose – but reading about the gameplay excites me. This is something I could have a heart to heart with one of you – men just seem to laugh at me when I express this opinion. I’m very fond of the prospect of having a group of women to discuss such things with. The right amount of nerdyness and feminism – exactly what the doctor ordered on my behalf. I also like the fact that we’re kinda forced to talk about femininity and games when we’re just a group of women – because factor in the male equation, and we might just end up talking about games and gameplay – you know? Don’t get me wrong – I love that as well – I just really enjoyed being all female! Probably selfish of me – but there you go! Can’t wait to meet up again!! No matter who’s there! But Marianne, Hedvig and you were just so awesome to talk to! I came back to uni and I’m sure everyone thought I was in love, I was so happy and excited! Hehe!! ;)

  3. Grrls ftw!I totally agree, the lunch was so fun and inspirational! Looking forward to next time (I guess monday 4th?)! When it comes to the matter of “boys and teachers” (and I say those words with a grin on my face, haha!) I definitely see Linns point- I also loved the possibility of talking girly about games! But however,I’m open-minded about (at least) “guest appearances” from just about anyone, as long as they ask politely with sugar on top:D My main concern is the academic insecurity, in which I’m an expert. So as long as the informal and funny tone stays within the group, it’s ok for me! But girls get pass the line;-)See you soon!

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