Firstly – CNN launched it’s Future Summit: Virtual worlds today.

“Originating from Singapore and Palo Alto, California, the program features creative visionaries and entrepreneurs leading us into a new age of creativity and imagination.”

Impressive list of panelists really. I don’t even know who to list here – but it’s a good mix of social networking sites experts and designers and MMORPG experts and designers. I’m really going to enjoy following this!

So speaking of Singapore – I just got my ticket for 16 August. My apartment’s getting renovated 20 August by my landlords and my adorable father thought it would be a good idea for me to visit him instead of crashing on a friend’s floor. Not a hell of a lot of protest from me! It will be good to get away and have a vacation – there’s so much I didn’t get to do last time around. Besides, I miss him – chillin’ out with dad is always delightful.

As an added bonus State of Play IV has been postponed to – wait for it – August 19-21. Goorrr! It was supposed to be in January and I was just soooooooooooooo looking forward to it only to be completely gutted when it was postponed. I’m more wary this time around, in case it gets postponed again. The program just looks amazing (I’ll get into more detail in another post)! It’s great to see the discussions moving forward – and I would love to be there. So many heroes – so many great topics!

There’s not a registration price listed yet, which worries me. I imagine the price will be way too steep for my taste, so I’ve been thinking about getting in touch with some media to see if they’ll fund my ticket for some articles or something. How does one go about doing that? Just say, “Hey! I’m gonna be here – I really want to go to this – I’ll write for you if you buy my registration fee!”? Who would be interested in something like that?

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