I, journalist

Huh…exactly one week from today I’ll be prancing around the Marina Mandarin Singapore with a press badge! Yup – that’s right! I’ve actually been commissioned to write about the State of Play conference! So apparently, dreams really do come true!

It’s very bizarre being all proffessional. I’m so used to waving my arms franticly in the air only to be ignored and disappointed again and again, which then is followed by a lot of bitching and complaining about how negative and stupid the Norwegian industry is. Now, I’ve actually managed to get an audience which I have to admit has got me a tiny little bit freaked. It’s just so much more easier and comfortable sitting in the backseat complaining, than actually well…doing something constructive. So now that I have the attention, what is it really I want to say? Why exactly have I been franticly waving my hands in the air for attention?

I’m also finding it hard writing in Norwegian and even harder to get all this information to be understandable for ‘the man on the street’. But let me tell you a little secret, I may be moaning and complaining about how hard and scary all this is – but in reality, I’M LOVIN IT! The superstitious side of me is worried that I’m jinxing the whole thing by writing about it here – but I’m ignoring that now! I’m too happy and too proud and way too excited! But I’m leaving the who and the where to when I actually get published!

It’s also going to be odd being a fangirl actually signing up to do interviews. Oh dear me! Phew. How will I ever survive?

I’ve got a lot of work to do, and I haven’t been able to prepare as much as I would like. A regular day job will do that to you! Also, while in Singapore I’ll be getting a new kitchen and bathroom so my weekend’s been busy moving the entire contents of my apartment into the bedroom. Also, my darlin sis is coming to Singapore the weekend after, so me, dad and sis will be Singapore Sling chillin – international families can be so heartbreaking and weekends like this are cherished – we’ll be missing mom, though!

And ooooooOOOooo – I’m not ready to give out too many details, but let me just say that I had a meeting last week that was also very exciting. So exciting in fact that I could barely sit still and felt like I was going to explode, I really had to restrain myself to at least appear to be “normal” – although I think I failed. So in other words – Anyone know of any Norwegian machinima ehm…artists, producers, directors? And who’s an expert on Machinima in Europe?

It’s just all too good to be true! I’m the luckiest happiest girl alive! And who knows? Maybe, at some point I can quit my day job!

6 thoughts on “I, journalist

  1. I’m incredibly excited for you! You get to write about it AND know that it’s a job :-) Can’t beat that … also hope to hear more exciting news about the other thing when I see you in Singapore!

  2. Hi, I somehow stumbled onto your blog and became fascinated by your interest in gaming without being a gamer.I’m full of respect by all your knowledge in those subjects. If it’s not virtual, have a nice and safe trip to Singapore! Hope it brings you more wisdom and interest to the subject.That conference sure seems interesting!Best regards, Janni, Sandefjord

  3. Heya Janni! And thanx!I guess I really should change my profile text because a lot has changed since then. As my advisor so kindly put it “I went bush” (a term used to describe anthropoligists researching cultures who proceeded to become a part of that culture and never to be heard from again). By ‘never been a gamer’ I guess I’m just saying that don’t expect me to reminisce about Commodore 64 games, as at that time the only computer game I had been introduced to was Flight Simulator which I felt was so complicated that I gave up on the whole gaming thing. Until I wanted to research online communities, which just led to intellectual growth. So I now have a DS and Playstation 2 a.s.o. Anyways, I’ve started to come to the conclusion that everyone is a ‘gamer’ somehow. I’ll have to come up with some better profile text soon. I won’t be ‘virtually’ attending the conference, I’ll actually be there in Singapore – yay! Although, the State of Play conferences have always been easily accessible online, I’m sure this won’t be any different. So take a peek. I’ve spent many hours lounging at my university desk ‘working’ and honestly just enjoying the online presentations and time capsules. Maybe I have a warped sense of enjoyment, but those Americans are really entertaining speakers. It’s also amusing to see how some of them have ‘gone bush’ as well. He he!It’s gonna be weird seeing them all in person and I’m glad that I’m there under the definition of ‘journalist’ and not ‘academic’ or ‘gamer’ for that matter. I think that may have been a bit too daunting!Anyways, I’m rambling again. Thanx for stopping by, Janni! Ms. Strumpet – thanx! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  4. Linn, I am so excited for you and insanely jealous! Congratulations on this commission…you’re on your way!

  5. Congratulations Linn! I’m so happy for you! Also thought I’d mention that my boyfriend is really into machinimas and made quite a few at Uni in New Zealand before he moved to Bergen two months ago. Have a blast and kick ass in Singapore!!

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