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Marianne Westerlund wrote a great piece for Bergens Tidende, the Thursday paper – unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere online – which is a real bummer really. I asked most of the people who had showed up if they’d read it, but most shook their head and told me they never read the paper version anymore. Well – there’s some food for thought! But she wrote a great article where she had interviewed quite a few machinima artists about their art, which was just really really interesting. There’s also an interview with me – hehe – it was weird seeing the words “Says Linn Søvig while shaking her head”. But really cool as well – she’s a great journalist and I hope to read much much more of her stuff in the future!

Update: Oooh – they’re found! Machinima article and Interview of yours truly! By the way – the picture of me is taken by my youngest nephew – James Gilbert! I thought it’d be cool if they had printed ‘photo taken by James Tore Gilbert’ – but alas – it didn’t make it!

Morten Kvamme (my partner in crime) – the curator at Landmark (our venue) was on a hip local youth program, called Triplet (towards the end of the program – pretty much THE end of the program). He’s such a relaxed positive gorgeous soul – such a natural in front of the camera. Although he was focusing on other things than me—

when I was interviewed on MM – a more adult local entertainment tv magazine. Again towards the very end! Unlike Morten – I was a nervous wreck, searched for the right words all the time and well…I say some pretty questionable things – but I’ve realised that there’s always a way to spin it in the right direction, and at least it looks like I know what I’m talking about. Whilst Morten focused on how easy it is for people to sit by themselves and make machinima movies – I was more focused on how incredibly hard it is and that machinima films are very often the product of a community – not a single person. But both are right – which makes it really really cool! And I’m off to the gym next week – because although you know your body may be taking the toll of using exercise time to sit infront of the computer – but it’s certainly an eyeopener when you see it just so clearly on tv! Eeek!

We got these tv spots thanks to the incredibly talented Ina Remme and my beautiful BT working friend Hans Øyvind – so thanks so much to them!

Snorre Bryne also wrote a piece for – which I thought would just be in the gamesblog but it was actually on the front page there for a while – so wooo hooo! Although it came out 2 hours before we were about to start – in was an incredible honour.

I was also interviewed by the student paper Studvest during the break – and I’m not sure I was completely conscious for that one. Time limitation and nervousness made me just spurt out whatever was at the top of my head – not sure when that will be published – if ever! Hehe.

The attention was nerveracking but lovely – and it was such pure joy to see that people were really interested in finding out more about machinima!

2 thoughts on “Media Coverage

  1. Congrats on your articles. I’d think your nephew definitely has a future in photography. ;-) I learn so much from your blog, I have teens in my library all the time watching machinima but never knew that what they were watching actually had a name.

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