Things to do when I get home from work

  • Snoop in the e-grapevine as to what on earth is going on at Linden Labs. Corey Ondrejka leaves? Because of differences with Philip Rosedale? – oh my oh my! I feel like my juicy gossipy needs are bursting! It’s funny – but I wonder if we all have a favorite of the two? I hadn’t thought about it before now, but they’re not very similar are they? And, well, I can’t lie, I definitely have a favorite – do you? And what does this mean for Second Life? A Second Life without Cory? It just seems wrong somehow – but then again, who am I to have an opinion – I’m hardly ever there!
  • Check out the Second Metaverse Meetup – held by The Stanford Humanities lab. There’s a video of Jamais Cascio’s talk “The Metaverse — what does it include, where is it going, and how will it change our lives?” – video here (I’ve actually sent this link to several people already – but not had the chance to check it out myself)
  • Eat the entire contents of the Christmas cookie box I just got at work
  • Start applying for work, even though I’ve found the perfect job for me (how often does that happen?), but they may need some more convincing – and I’ll have to find more options in the meantime.
  • Finish doctorate proposal
  • Blog about EVERYTHING – I’ve been way way way too quiet lately! Feel like I’m about to burst!
And that’s all the time I have for after-work planning – cause I actually DO have to do some work here before Christmas.

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