I, journalist, again – in Oslo

Well – by golly. I’m off to Oslo to work as a journalist for five months. Dagens It, were kind enough to offer me the position – and I instantly jumped at it! Just think of all the stuff I’m gonna learn! I’m quite pannicked about writing quickly in Norwegian for such a serious business oriented news organisation and I’m foreseeing a bunch of stress right away. But I think it’ll be worth it! There’s so much I want to learn about the IT industry in Norway, in particular the game development community – I’m hoping that what interests me, will be in unison with the paper.
It’s all happening rather fast, however – so I feel like I’m stuck in some “We’re not in Kansas anymore” whirlwind. I’m starting by covering a conference here at home, Digitale Hverdag where there’s gonna be a lot of stuff on robots, which I’m all giddy about. Don’t know why, I never really cared about robots that much – but now I do. They’ll be talking about robots in the workforce which I think is quite interesting. I may have been asleep the last few years, but I haven’t really heard that much ado about robots since the 80s (yes – I was VERY young then). It’s my impression that it all became rather dystopic – robots taking away jobs a.s.o. So does this mean that we’re warming to robots more? Have we entered an age of positive technology? I suppose we have, really – which I guess I’ve known – so why am I suprised that robots in the workforce have become a positive force of discussion?
Anyways – the conference out of the way and then I’m off to Oslo. I’ve got 2 weeks to get everything organised and I’m very very confused! Thankfully there are really really generous and gorgeous people out there! Upon arrival I’ll be staying in DietroVetro‘s apartment, out February, when Kjartan will take over. I’m eternally gratefull to them both for letting me invade! I’m still on the look-out for a room from march through june – so please let me know if you know of something! But I’ve got a few places to look at when I arrive – hopefully one of them will work out.
I’m eager to start and I keep waking up in the morning with a new idea for an article.

4 thoughts on “I, journalist, again – in Oslo

  1. Congratulations on the job! I’m happy to let you use my apartment for some time. My cactuses will be better off than if they’d be all alone for a month ;)I’ll be in Bergen from Saturday, so I guess we should meet up so I can give you the key!

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