World of Workcraft

I’ve been unbelievably slack on inspiration lately – but my fingers start itching when wonderful people like Fredrik, send me films like this –


Expect more soon. I’ve got like a dozen half-written posts ready to get published! I’ve just been out of poof lately!

7 thoughts on “World of Workcraft

  1. Hehe – fair enough.Interesting perspective, though. I like these ‘turn the worlds around’ films. But then again, what I think is fun – may not always be everyone else’s cup of tea. ;)

  2. Loved itWorlds within worlds within worlds…A bit rough around the edges but user created content is opening up new creative possibilities all the time

  3. Boooring? This is one of those cups of tea that broaden your tea perspective. Ha! when is your next machinama show, linn?

  4. One of the better ones I’ve seen. Dialogue works and is swiftly and convincingly executed. Good to see no time wasted on endless camera zoomings and “soulfull” moments, (things I’ve rarely seen anyone gotten to work well in animata.)

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