World Peace Game Bergen starts today

Super excited! Got to meet John Hunter yesterday and I was instantly smitten and very starstruck.

Setting up the board in Bergen

My partners in crime are generously letting me play which I’m super excited about it. I’ll be working during the day and playing afternoon/night – so any spare time I can get will be focused on rest. I won’t be blogging through the game as I suspect that my focus will be occupied. I’ll write a good debrief here after, though.

I will, however, be posting updates and pictures here:

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Twitter :!/verdensspillet

3 thoughts on “World Peace Game Bergen starts today

  1. Hey Linn,

    Sounds amazing. I’ve been reading your account of the game and John Hunter today and it truly does seem wonderful. We really want to get it going at the Montessori school where I work. Sounds like a really transformational event to go through, I can’t even imagine how much our kids would enjoy it.

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