Something’s brewing in Norway – part 3

This is part 3 of a series where I’m trying to describe the lay of the land of game development in Norway. The more I dig the more astounded I am over the talent that exists here and some of the wonderful projects that are about to burst outta here! For more please read part 1 and part 2.

Moving east we arrive at one of the most exciting game developing companies in Norway, Rock Pocket Games. These days they’re developing the gorgeous looking Oliver and Spike – Dimension Jumpers:

Still not convinced? Here’s some more people drooling:

Unfortunately they can’t work on this full-time and have created a business model where they work with clients on advergaming, and they do so with wonderful gaming quality. They look beautiful and they’re genuinely fun to play. They’ve also created some spectacular children’s games which I hear young parents boast about all the time.

If I had any money I would be throwing it at these guys. They’re good, they’re smart and they so obviously love what they do!

Rock Pocket Games is in Tønsberg and as far as I know are the only ones working on games there, but I may be wrong – if you know of any please don’t hesitate to let me know!

I’m going to jump north and past our capital, Oslo to


This is a very exciting little town that has a lot to boast about when it comes to game development in Norway.

Hamar is the home to Hedmark University College which offers game design courses. And out of this vibrant community has a grown a small collective of young game developing companies. It’s my impression that most of them are thesis projects which the students didn’t want to end and have created their own companies to finish what they started at school.

This is also much to the credit of Hedmark Kunnskapspark which has offered the game developers an inkubator of sorts.

Krillbrite Studio

Krillbrite is currently working on the incredibly eery Among the Sleep. I’ve had the pirvilege of playing the first 5-10 minutes at SpillExpo and it certainly managed to freak me out.

Some press:

And there’s so much more!

They’re super hot these days because they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign. I believe they’re the second Norwegian game company that’s done so – the first one being Red Thread Games. Please consider donating some funds for them, because I can’t wait to play more of this game! Here’s their charming Kickstarter video:

Amongst the Sleep’s Kickstarter campaign

The other companies are:

These also look like they’re doing adventurous and wonderful things! I really hope to some day visit this game collective and I hope that we can create something similar in Bergen. ;)

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