The Sadness of gamers

Often, when I explain to people what it is I’m writing my thesis on, they often comment on what sad people these gamers are. They can’t live properly in real life so they have to live in a pretend one, a.s.o. I must admit that although I was fascinated by these virtual worlds, I kinda thought the same thing.
Now, however, I’ve become clinically addicted to The Sims Online. It is just terrible. I might start playing at 10pm and suddenly look at my watch and realise it’s 8 am. Before, I thought this game was sooooooo boring. And I suppose it still is actually, it just depends on who you play with! Now that I’ve been playing for a while I’ve met some really interesting people and had some amusing conversations, and I’m starting to consider these people my friends. It’s weird, because when I’m out with real life friends I may find myself slapping my thigh with a great laugh and saying something like “You’ll never guess what DevilsEyes told me yesterday! It was so funny!”. Thankfully, most of my friends do find these stories quite amusing, but there is a sense of awkwardness as well. I see that they may not recognise who I am anymore, and are kinda scared that I might turn into one of these ‘sad’ TSO players. I must admit that I’m quite concerned myself! I’m more than happy to sit alone at home, by myself, with a few beers and playing TSO.
My mind has started to change however. I’m not exactly sure of what is sadder. Going out drinking with the same friends (that I love), laughing at the same stuff and making a fool of myself the same way (over and over and over again) or that I’m meeting new people from all across the world, building things in virtual reality and being introduced to new ways of thinking. Now, see, I don’t know if I’ve become brain washed here, or if our ‘outside’ interpretation of TSO players is just worped and wrong! Sigh! Although I have to say, it was quite daunting the other night when I actually dreamt about another sim. It was very strange! I didn’t dream about what he may look like or be like in real life. I dreamt about him, as the Sim he is and my Dekcuf. We were in TSO’s Alphaville as well! Hmmmmmmm….I think this thesis is going to drive me mad!!!!

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