Nerd, geek – a good thing?

Well, it had to come up eventually, didn’t it? I seriously don’t know anymore. I don’t know if I’ve started to be accustomed to nerd culture, or if it’s actually really cool. I keep thinking of ‘The revenge of the nerds’ films. The film represents nerds, yes, but the booger man? Is that supposed to be a nerd? And then I google it and find this lovely test (you have to try it) and realise that I’m 30% nerd, and I’m quite sure I can safely say that my dad is 100%! But then I notice that people use the word ‘nerd’ in such a positive attitude. Just because they’re really interested in, I don’t know, reading the news, they label themselves as nerds.
So I tried looking up the word in my parent’s 80’s versions of Websters and Oxfords Dictionary, and Encyclopedia Britannica, and you know what? The word isn’t even listed! But as a fanatical worshipper of the Good Lord Wikipedia, I was saved! Nerd!!!

2 thoughts on “Nerd, geek – a good thing?

  1. the fact that you refer to wikipedia as the ‘good lord’ definetely situates you as a bonafide nerd…the fact that i know you makes me certain of that fact too! my well documented and quite intensive background as a heavy roleplaying and comic addict puts me in the same group methinks. viva el nerd!and…just to make it clear: all these fuckers that see ‘nerd’ as being a positive thing (not to say that it isn’t) are NOT nerds, they’re just wannabees. unless you actually own several copies of ad&d/d&d books or own several computers or something like that you are NOT a nerd…don’t even try joining us, because we don’t want your wannabee no-nerd ass in our group! HAH!

  2. LOL, Joachim!!! I suppose I’ll just have to acknowledge the fact that I’ll always just be a wannabe!!

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