Stupid, stupid me!

Right…just realised that it has been virtually (such a weird word to use these days) impossible to post comments on this blog! So I presume many have tried and failed! No wonder I’ve felt so lonely!;)
Everything should be ok now. I’m in the middle of trying to get a good picture of Dekcuf in the profile, but as you can see my technical design abilities are dreadful! (Sean!!! I need you!!!)
Hope to have something better soon! Was bored with the picture of me eating in Korea and also wanted to have this blog available for potential interviewees, without having to give out too many personal details! Of course it could be argued that I’ve been living in Alphaville more than in the real world, so the image of Dekcuf seems more like me than the image I see in the mirror!!!;)
More coming in just a few hours! Have to read through some new papers about designers being the governing control of MMORPGs, something I think I might start disagreeing with!

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