Things that get you suspended in TSO!

I’ve heard some ridiculous stories about MAXIS suspending people from TSO….but today I think I hear the best one yet!
Someone who runs an in-game store has recently been suspended because she was AFK (Away From Keyboard) most of the time. Apperantly some idiot player had complained to TSO about this….and she was therefore suspended! I say idiot player…but who knows….maybe those MAXIS dudes are just bored and wanted to create some drama, but if it is true, it definately demonstrates how incredibly boring the game is…that gamers start wining about such ridiculous things! This case also reminded me that I must take the time to actually read the User Agreement for TSO, as MAXIS referred to that in this case. You would think I’d gotten around to that!!! Urgh….I’m such a lazy git!
And for those of you who are interested….another suspension case has caught my attention. In TSO there’s a program in the form of a maid that helps you maintain your property. She basically just cleans and tidies the place up for you. It is a trend for TSO gamers to find ways of confusing the maid while building their property…quite amusing really. But someone took this a bit too far! They kept referring to the maid as ‘cunt’ and MAXIS didn’t like that very much so they enforced a suspension! Hillarious really…cause it’s a computer program….apperantly they have feelings too cause MAXIS referred to ‘rules of conduct’!

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