Love tips for gamers

Now I haven’t been to Nettavisen’s Spillsonen in a while, don’t know why….but I just popped in now and I’m sitting here in hysterics!!!! Oh, where to start….?
Well….an obvious gamer nerd has written a little article advising gamer geeks on how to pick up women! And granted, I have an odd taste in men, but if I ever met a guy doing the things he suggests I’d be ROTFLMAO!!! A few points are good….but this guy actually suggests pulling out the Singstar to seduce a woman!!!! I’m sorry, dear English readers….it is written in Norwegian. Now….I have to admit that I’m wondering if this guy has been given money to try to get more men to buy Singstar….cause this is just ridiculous….!
Anyways…thought I’d mention it here….and thought some of you would be laughing as much as me!

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