The Lawsuits are a comin’!

Yup! The lawsuits are just pooring in now!!!! reports of a grandma suing Rockstar for GTA ‘coverup’.
First of all….I think it very strange that grandmas and parents are buying these kids, GTA – because they believe them mature enough.

My personal favorite from Dallas News is:

Lauren Charbonneau didn’t worry about purchasing Grand Theft Auto:
San Andreas for her son, Luke, in October when he was 11. Luke is
“pretty mature”, his mother says. She figured he could handle an M-
rated video game.
Luke says he never accessed the hidden scenes, but the news of their
existence upset his mother. “I’m shocked and angry,” says Ms.
Charbonneau, 47, of Plano. “They deceived the public.”
The article is quite well, written however, cause they also found parent’s who have questioned the content before and don’t understand how these sex scenes can be worse.
But I’m suprised to see how some parents are thinking about this rating system. I mean…if theyt’re JUST turned 11 year old is getting something meant for adults….what the hell is the point really? Which brings me again to question this bill they’re trying to pass on the manufacturers being responsible for sales towards underage children.
I don’t know! I’m very glad that I don’t have children and I won’t have to think too much about it. But I do feel that adult games are fun….and I think they do society a hell of a lot of good! I really don’t doubt that for a second. But kids…I’m not sure. I’m talking about the violence here, ofcourse. Sex….hell! Jeez! There’s been stuff available for kids for centuries….they’re curious and they’re gonna find access to porn somehow!
And here’s another thing….are we writing too much about this? Are we too enthusiastic about the ridiculousness of it all? Are we playing right into the lobyists’ for censorship’s hands?

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