Violent games = violent crimes?

I’ve spent way too much time reading about the subject, cause it has nothing to do with my thesis….but I came across an article in The Economist (actually The Ludologist guided me to it). It’s refreshing to see such ‘serious’ media giving the debate on violence and sex in video games coverage. Yet another interesting read…but if you don’t want to read it, this graph, basically speaks for itself!

3 thoughts on “Violent games = violent crimes?

  1. Yay! :) That’s one of my pet-peeve, when socalled “important” people just clicks once they hear the words “violent game” without even knowing what it’s about. :pMailed you a link just now btw :)

  2. I totally agree with you and the serious media. I lively remember the discussions on violent games in Klabbers’ class as well. In addition, I am convinced that the same applies to violent movies. Just look at Japanese society (veeeery low crime/homocide rate) and Japanese film culture (very high and brutal homocide rate). One remark though: the economist graph does not say anything about age groups. Suppose that violence has gone up for youngsters between 12-25, and that the drop is caused by other age group. Not to speak of social differentiation? So to me, the graph did not speak for itself.

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