On a hillarious side note…

So…I’ve been browsing through the We’re Not Afraid website and I have to say! As well as a bunch of people love taking stupid pictures of their pets there really are some amazing contemporary artists out there!!! Some of these pictures blow my mind!
But!!! OMG!! So I’m sitting here as a posh receptionist in a VERY conservative office and I’m in stitches! I just can’t stop laughing! Tears are just rolling down my cheeks! Cause this has got to be the most hillarious thing I’ve ever seen!! Check out I’m Fucking Terrified!

One thought on “On a hillarious side note…

  1. hahaha…this site is really cool. lots of funny stuff, and some really really good art. anyway: i’ve changed my blog a bit…could you go in and have a look? i can’t figure out why my profile is tucked away all the way down the bottom…do you know why?

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