Dangers of blogging

So I’m sitting behind this receptionist desk and I’m sooooooo freekin bored it’s unbelievable. Naturally I want to do something…so I’ve been blogging a lot. The trouble is…I keep misunderstanding what I read and commenting on something completely different or being offended and offensive. Have I lost my mind? Have I lost the ability to think?
And should I just stop before I make a complete and utter ass of myself? I think so!!!! So what shall I do?

2 thoughts on “Dangers of blogging

  1. Technology levels (and changes) the media playing fieldWelcome to the Communication Age, where the “new media” has the “old media” concerned and confused.I agree with you…I have a blog that pretty much covers hip hop playlist rap related stuff.Come visit if you get time :-)

  2. You know…I would…if I could see where you’re at? I there a link in there somewhere? Have I gone completely link blind, my dear anonymous?

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