Chinese regulations

So…China has now come up with a new law that protects Chinese children from getting addicted to MOGs (or MMORPGs, I just can’t be bothered writing the whole thing anymore…from here on it’s MOGs…you guys know what I mean anyway). Developers of these games are now instructed to impliment a 3 hour law…if players play more than 3 hours their character/avatar starts to diminish. There also has to be a 5 hour pause before the player can log back on. It’s quite amazing really. And before you laugh and question the ability to have several accounts, they’ve also recently enforced another law that requires you to punch in your personal id nr before logging in to games, so that they can regulate age a.s.o. Sigh…it’s very complicated and I still don’t understand why it is needed…I mean, call me a synic, but a suicide here and there isn’t a reason for panic in a massive country like China, is there? Or am I just not getting the big picture?
Anyways! Game politics is reporting that Chinese World of Warcraft players have started a petition against it. What I think is most interesting is that they are aware that there is a problem at that regulation of game play might be a must, but the way the Chinese government has formed it, it will ruin too much. I thought it was kinda touching but also kinda scary.

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