Americans and their adverosity

I’m sorry…I mean I feel for New Orleans….I really do. Not only are the damages of Katrina devestating but the cleanup and rescue is just heartbreaking, there’s just gonna be some hell to pay soon!
But I can’t help feeling a little disgusted by Sony’s Everquest II Donation rally. The press release is really something and it annoys me that they’advertise their own ‘good will’ by saying that for Everquest II players affected they ‘will be suspending billing until such time as they are able to play again’. I just hate it when large corporations use their own generosity as cheap advertising. While I’m a big supporter of the Second Life Relay to The American Cancer Society I feel like Sony is kinda just riding the wave….and then it just seems inscincere.
Am I being awfully picky and winy here? I don’t know!

One thought on “Americans and their adverosity

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