Charity and games

So this is really starting to become a trend isn’t it? Bungie is the latest on the list. They’ve designed a really cool t-shirt, well…not completely lame, anyways…to raise money for The American Red Cross and their work in New Orleans.
I feel like there’s gonna be a little war in the gaming industry to see who comes up with the best idea for raising money for this gruesome tragedy. Or I say war, could it maybe be a game? I can’t wait to see what Rockstar comes up with!

One thought on “Charity and games

  1. hahahah…leste den idag morges før jeg gikk på skolen. hva mener du med at de spurte deg om lov? har de faktisk surfet seg fram til den og så spurt deg? det ville isåfall vaere skikkelig kult…du er en www synser…they knwo your name baby! keep on truckin’-j-

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