Political Games

I love this! La Melleindustria – Political Videogames Against the Dictatorship of Entertainment. I’m actually at a loss for words! This is just fabulous!! TuboFlex is my favorite – excellent way to protest today’s society!! And then there’s this ever growing fear we all live with! They’ve created Where-Next, which is a site dedicated to betting on where the next terrorist attack will be.

“Unfortunately you still can’t destroy cultures different from yours by using dollars, McDonalds or Paris Hilton videos; you can’t bomb the nation you want, pretend to provide humanitarian aid, and then install brand new governments. Unfortunately you can’t even restrict the civil rights of your country proceeding with indiscriminating arrests of new citizens, migrants or activists. Sorry!

What you can do though, is bet on where the next terrorist attack will strike!”

Oh how I adore such outcries!! I bow my head with respect…much more so than those so passionately involved in keeping my city commercial free (sorry…have to be a Bergenser to understand that one).

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