Am I pretty enough for gaming?

So Guardian Games Blog and Wonderland….Alice’s place have steered my attention towards Watch us Game. And well….OMFG! This reeks of advertising desperation! Look at these beautiful young gamers. I applaud all female efforts within the gaming comunity…but come on!!!!!! Hell! I’m even afraid to apply for membership just in case I’m not pretty enough! Imagine that…being excluded from an online community cause of looks. But you know that I HAVE to apply now! Dreading the ‘you’re too old and ugly’ reply, but I just have to see how they filter this stuff or let us ‘regular’ girls down! Mind you…I imagine these girls are getting a lot of attention from the male gamers rather than the female population!
I have to say, though, there’s some interesting stuff on this site despite the ‘looks’ issue! So maybe it will prove to become an interesting site! Not completely discouraged…but maybe a bit insulted? And then there’s the name…”Watch us Game” – umh…what’s that all about?

2 thoughts on “Am I pretty enough for gaming?

  1. I’ll admit, I shared the same thoughts and opinions you have about Watch Us Game the first time I visited the site, but then I joined the forums and talked to some of the girls there. I’ll admit I was wrong. They’re articulate, friendly, outgoing, down-to-earth women. And when it comes to their photos, who would want to post UNATTRACTIVE photos of themselves? I don’t care how old you are, everyone of any age likes to feel attractive in their own way. If you had an opportunity to post pictures of yourself on the internet, what kind of pictures would you post? I hope we get a more diverse crowd of women joining the site, and I’m sure as WUG grows, we will. I can tell you that the site admins wouldn’t turn away any girl that sends in a profile (and if they ever did, I’d leave the community in a heartbeat). I think they’re all happy to see women of all ages and sizes contributing to the great gaming community out there. They’ve just yet to post a profile.After reading through the site and getting a good feeling for it, I was impressed with the community. I sent in my profile a few days ago, and although I picked out some of the better photos of myself to post, I can assure you I’m a ‘normal’ girl who does nerdy stuff like playing musical instruments and going to anime conventions, and tries really hard to maintain a healthy BMI. Definitely not conventional model material! ( ) *lol* But I’m still proud to be a gamer girl and part of the greater gaming community.I really hope you give Watch Us Game a chance!

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