Being a part of a community without knowing it!

I was kinda…well…intrigued and positively suprised when I realised that there’s a whole community of bloggers at my University department…and well…it seems I’m a part of it. It really is bizarre having my blog on live feeds and seeing my posts on other sites. I think it’s incredibly sad that I had no idea that this was going on. I really do applaud this little community and I’ve skimmed through some of the blogs and they’re great (but omfg I feel old), there’s some voices out there that definately deserve to be heard! I’m wondering if I’m too secluded, however. Why did I not know about this?
But oh well…all depression aside…need to finsih a chapter to remind my advisor that I’m still alive!

3 thoughts on “Being a part of a community without knowing it!

  1. I really like the idea of being part of a community without being aware of it… Which is oxymoronic of course, as communication is one of the essential requisites of a community. And the level of communication between these bloggers has been limited, in fact most of them are not aware of each other.Infomedia’s current lack of a good communication infrastructure hampers the development of a community where discourse and shared knowledge building can take place. Somewhere people will want to turn to to learn – this place has too little think tank to it. So when you lament not being aware of this “community” before, somehow you address my reason for assembling these blogs in the first place. You’re not the one who’s left out – in a way we all are! And that’s why we need institutionalised meeting places online.Typically, when I learned that a PhD thesis thematically related to my own master thesis, recently had been submitted to this department, it was someone from the outside that made me aware of it.God knows there’s enough apathy and close-mindedness around, so I’m happy to see your response!

  2. Urgh! Unfortunately…that doesn’t suprise me at all!! BUT…maybe there’s an idea there. I’ve long wanted to know what everyone is currently writing about for their thesis or dissertation or doctorate. Maybe we should have a forum where things like this is posted…maybe there is one, and yet again I don’t know about it. I keep stumbling onto things that I know some people would be interested in…but I only know them as ‘the guy with the curly hair’ a.s.o. I’m terrible at names. Also really wouldn’t hurt the department either, I would think! I feel like I need to right something for people to know what the hell I’m researching, hence this blog, which I also think demonstrates the feeling of confusion and bewilderment I carry with me at all times through this daunting academic maze!

  3. i1277 brings up some Very important points here, and I am happy to see this discussion going. For me, as an outsider – not even being a student anymore – it is all the more interesting to be able to follow these blogs. I have enjoyed jilltxt for quite some time, and now I have several other blogs that I subscribe to that are of interest. Overall, I am happy to see the development of academic blogs and blogs written by students and staff members. I think it is of utmost importance that this development continues and that we perhaps can see the emergence of common tags that bloggers can use in order to communicate. That, or a specific ping category at sites such as Bloggrevyen where you could go and read up on entries in the “media studies” category – for instance. Me being the community manager at BlogSoft, who also is behind Bloggrevyen, I will in fact suggest this to our coders and see what they think about it. But first: What do You think? Do you think it would be interesting to have your own category at Bloggrevyen (which is one of three major Norwegian ping services/aggregators)? Today, for instance, there is the vitenskap category. I am thinking we should allow for user-created categories as well. We will see. Raymond

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