Are things getting serious?

So here’s a new group of words for you to ponder; virtual reality medicine. There’s just been a conference in Baltimore hosted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine called Games For Health. Ian Bogost has a generous coverage of the event at Water Cooler Games, I’ll leave it to his words, since he was actually there, to give you an indept perspective of what it was all about. Of course my eyes welled up when I saw Ben’s Game, but otherwise this was just exciting to see. Health professionals and educaters taking games seriously, for Brain Training, anxiety and health awareness, to name but a few.
South Carolina’s WIST-10 also reports that three dimensional computer gaming software helps to analyze a tumor’s exact location. Doctor Brian Butler worked with video programmers based in Dallas (annoyingly they don’t mention who) to create the technology.
I’m so impressed and I’ll have to write more indept about this and try and wiggle it into some Norwegian media. Maybe this is the kinda innovation we need for Norway to take games seriously? (Expect a new post soon on the discussion of ensuring computer game growth in Norway, it’s just craving more time and effort than my googling abilities – which is sad in itself)

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