Well this just has Aarseth all over it (maybe because I’m reading his work at the moment, FINALLY) and of course the marvelous Jill Walker! Uncyclopedia is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. And I find myself clicking through it, getting completely lost, yet loving it! A true form of cybertext, I think…though I’m still unclear on these definitions! But linearity completely escapes my enjoyment of it. For each new click there’s a great…well, still unsure of my literary definitions here…story! Definately a site to visit when I feel my whole world is a farse! My fellow MEVIINFO bloggers introduced me to it…and I will forever be greatful! I just love being inspired by these people that I probably see every day…but I have no idea who they are!!

One thought on “Uncyclopedia

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