Important Gaming Business Initiative in Bergen!

Thanks to my newfound blogger community here at the institute, I’ve been informed of a presentation conference here in Bergen, TOMORROW!! It’s a First Tuesday initiative. I’m so incredibly ashamed that I did not know of this sooner! And although I know that the Norwegian IGDA chapter is based in Oslo, I’m really annoyed that being a member there didn’t inform me of this essential get-together! Of course genious Funcom will be there, along with a few interesting speakers from the UK who can teach us a lot about funding and the industry! I’m so thankful that I learned about this now, and not the day after!!! After all, I am supposed to be interested in expanding the computer game industry here in Norway, so why the hell did I not learn of this sooner!!! I feel like such an ignorant uninformed git! But I also can’t wait to go! Too bad it’s happening at a time that my industry confidence is at an all time low and I feel like a dumb blonde wannabe, so my blossoming zealous networking nature won’t be present when it actually should be! DARN!

4 thoughts on “Important Gaming Business Initiative in Bergen!

  1. I will be attending it as well. I also feel ashamed that I didn’t know about it before this morning, especially given the fact that one of the topics is videoblogging, which is my main field. Raymond

  2. What do you mean, I’ve lost ‘IT’? If you know me at all, you should know that I lost ‘IT’ years ago, that is….if I ever had ‘IT’!

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