Oh…the things I ponder and laugh about!

AoP’s coming up tomorrow…and I know that I won’t be able to gag that ridiculous loud mouth of mine. I didn’t manage it on the First Tuesday event, and I doubt that I’ll be able to with two whole days of presentations and they’re mostly on MMORPGs as well. So my question is this…saying MMORPG is quite devestating, and when you’re kinda nervous and uncertain if your question is going to burry you in the deep dark waters of the ‘dumb souls of academia’, it’s very hard saying ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games’, so what should I be saying? I’ve not heard that many people actually ‘talking’ about these games…so I’m so unsure. But I have heard Massive RPGs…is this acceptable? Or is it MMOs? Or should we just say MUDs, but that’s not right! Oh hell…I’ll just take my que from the smart people giving the presentations, or maybe I’ll manage to just shut up and absorb? But if you know the answer, you may also know what is correct of these two: ‘an MMORPG’ or ‘a MMORPG’ – I feel like everyone writes differently.
Anyways…had myself a little chuckle while reading my daily Game Politics today! They have a piece on OLGAnon – Online Gamers Anonymous, which is a site for people who find themselves addicted to MMORPGs (ooooh…they write MMOs….hmmm), I’ll write some more about this later. I chuckled because of all the people in the world, they brought out a Norwegian’s comments to exemplify what addicts were struggling with: “I have a problem. I am 24 years old, from Norway, and a WoW addict”. It’s a sad story, really…and I feel for the bugger. But I just had to laugh when I saw that a Norwegian addict has now made the World (well…American) cyber press! I know, I’m tragic…but at least I have a lot of laughter in my life!!

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