I’m going mad!

I’m sitting here trying to write another summary of Aesthetics of Play, but in Norwegian…and I’ve honestly never been more confused! First of all, I’m not sure I understand the language of Computer Game Studies (even that is a questionable choice of words) and then trying to find the Norwegian words? I’m not even sure we have a Norwegian word for mimetic…does anyone know? Do we? And then there’s the relative easy words like Game Space, which I honestly don’t feel the direct translation encompasses. But then I suppose this is what academia is all about, language. Which I think kinda reinforces the importance of looking at digital games in Norwegian academics. And I suppose I’m annoyed with myself for taking the easy way out and writing my thesis in English (if it ever actually does get written, ofcourse)! Sorry, I’m just venting out my frustration here. I just hate the feeling of having so much I want to discuss, but not being able to communicate my thoughts because I STILL haven’t figured out the language!

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