How did I miss this?!

I’ve been too busy playing journalist (and finding out I’m crap at it) so I hadn’t noticed the events in Korea! And OMFG!!!! It’s happening! It’s really happening! The Korean Fair Trade Comission has undergone an extensive investigation on consumer complaints of MMOG companies and have now released their conclusions. I’m too excited to actually take the time to understand the details (I am literally jumping up and down here, how sad am I?!) so:

“…the comission published its findings based on the Adhesion Contract Act, and they are sweeping: of twelve tos/coc clauses examined, eight were declared legally void”

I think this means that some of the things listed in the article have actually become law!! And get this, they’re actually saying that “Avatars are promoted to human, while God like developers descended to human”! WOW!!!!!!

They’re talking about compensation to the player for time lost when servers are down!!!! It’s just madness!! I really don’t think they’ve thought this through. I mean, I know I’m writing a thesis on player’s rights and all, but COME ON! This is insane!!

Anyways…there’s a new fantastic site/blog on Korean gaming news called Absolute gold!!!!

Sigh…I’m still in shock!!

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