Just when I was complaining…

Yep! Just when I was complaining that there isn’t enough initiative in Norway to focus on the gaming industry…along comes Nordic Game Potential. Of course it’s all of us Nordics…but a start!! I hope Norway will be properly represented!!! Would love to go…but I’ll have to struggle a bit with my thesis writing conscience on this one…as it has absolutely nothing to do with my academic…uhm…work and just my basic interest in promoting the industry in Norway.

Oh…the things I ponder and laugh about!

AoP’s coming up tomorrow…and I know that I won’t be able to gag that ridiculous loud mouth of mine. I didn’t manage it on the First Tuesday event, and I doubt that I’ll be able to with two whole days of presentations and they’re mostly on MMORPGs as well. So my question is this…saying MMORPG is quite devestating, and when you’re kinda nervous and uncertain if your question is going to burry you in the deep dark waters of the ‘dumb souls of academia’, it’s very hard saying ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games’, so what should I be saying? I’ve not heard that many people actually ‘talking’ about these games…so I’m so unsure. But I have heard Massive RPGs…is this acceptable? Or is it MMOs? Or should we just say MUDs, but that’s not right! Oh hell…I’ll just take my que from the smart people giving the presentations, or maybe I’ll manage to just shut up and absorb? But if you know the answer, you may also know what is correct of these two: ‘an MMORPG’ or ‘a MMORPG’ – I feel like everyone writes differently.
Anyways…had myself a little chuckle while reading my daily Game Politics today! They have a piece on OLGAnon – Online Gamers Anonymous, which is a site for people who find themselves addicted to MMORPGs (ooooh…they write MMOs….hmmm), I’ll write some more about this later. I chuckled because of all the people in the world, they brought out a Norwegian’s comments to exemplify what addicts were struggling with: “I have a problem. I am 24 years old, from Norway, and a WoW addict”. It’s a sad story, really…and I feel for the bugger. But I just had to laugh when I saw that a Norwegian addict has now made the World (well…American) cyber press! I know, I’m tragic…but at least I have a lot of laughter in my life!!

Important Gaming Business Initiative in Bergen!

Thanks to my newfound blogger community here at the institute, I’ve been informed of a presentation conference here in Bergen, TOMORROW!! It’s a First Tuesday initiative. I’m so incredibly ashamed that I did not know of this sooner! And although I know that the Norwegian IGDA chapter is based in Oslo, I’m really annoyed that being a member there didn’t inform me of this essential get-together! Of course genious Funcom will be there, along with a few interesting speakers from the UK who can teach us a lot about funding and the industry! I’m so thankful that I learned about this now, and not the day after!!! After all, I am supposed to be interested in expanding the computer game industry here in Norway, so why the hell did I not learn of this sooner!!! I feel like such an ignorant uninformed git! But I also can’t wait to go! Too bad it’s happening at a time that my industry confidence is at an all time low and I feel like a dumb blonde wannabe, so my blossoming zealous networking nature won’t be present when it actually should be! DARN!

Studying human behavior in Virtual Worlds

Terra Nova has an interesting debate going on the WoW virus and how we can learn more about the spread of disease and the panic that follows, by studying it. They question whether gameplay can be trusted for such studies as many WoW players were having fun spreading the virus and basically bringing this into the play element. So therefore these smart academics are wondering what has to go into the game design for such studies to be relevant. It’s an intriguing subject, and I’m sure it’s been covered extensively at Ludium, but I just haven’t gotten around to reading the conclusions there yet.
On a more personal note, discussions like this are just pure gold for such a lost academic soul as myself. I’m starting to get a much clearer picture of why defining gameplay and gamedesign is so important for understanding these virtual worlds. The panic light is however flashing franticly in my mind because I fear that those painful months of ignoring a ‘real’ life and playing tso are wasted cause I’ve conducted my research on such a completely wrong angle. What is this mess that I’ve tangled myself into?