MMORPG Lexicon

I haven’t been by Nick Yee’s fabulous Daedalus Project for a while, so this may be old news, but I was by today and he’s taken a brilliant initiative to create a MMORPG Lexicon. He’s definately not the first, but what I love about it is that it’s written in blog form, so the comments are priceless!!!

My favorite contribution has to be:
Run = (Noun) A period of time in which the character continously gains abilities, often at a rate faster than through usual playing. Players usually experience “runs” during Power Leveling or Grinding their character to increase their ability through repetitive tasks such as practicing a skill or combat. Usage: “I’m on a run now in Magery, 8.2+ in 30-min.” or “I’m on a run, only 20K exp. to Level Up.” Source: Came from Ultima Online power level training using the 8×8 tile method of movement for increasing abilities by performing an action in one spot, then moving 8-tiles in a North or South direction, repeating the action to gain another point in that ability.)

But that just might be the nerd in me having a little laugh! Definately worth a read through though!!!

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