Virtual World political parties

Aimee Weber has an incredibly interesting article in SLOG – a second life resident blog. She’s tried to map out the different political parties of Second Life and quite eloquently. She’s divided them into two groups, the political parties that consider Second Life to be a country and those that consider it to be a company! I’m not going to repeat everything she’s written, because she’s done it so well!
But I do have to mention that I was very pleased to see “The Gamer Party” – “…believes Linden Lab should worry less about preserving the value of the Linden Dollar, and instead give away money to players so they can buy more stuff and have more fun!”.
I think it’s great that people are actually fighting for the gaming rights in Second Life. Mostly I only hear of virtual world economy, laws and intellectual property rights (probably because that’s what I’m supposed to be writing about), it’s just refreshing to see that there are virtual citizens out there that want to put focus on the gaming aspect!
Although, there is a difference between MMORPGs and I’ve been focusing my attention more on the ‘social’ MMORPGs, which (I think) means that the focus of the game is more on building communities and social networks, which makes me question whether they deserve the definition ‘game’ at all! They become more of a social playground instead of a game. But maybe I’m just focusing on a dilemma that’s pointless to ponder on, yet again!!

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