The Advertising in Games discussion continued

This advertising in MMO’s discussion is just popping up everywhere at the moment! I don’t know if this is because I’ve become more attentive to the subject or because it really is a hot topic at the moment. Anyways…thought I’d just put some focus on Clickable Culture’s post which discusses the comments “Gamers will generally accept ads in games – as long as they fit into the gaming experience” and “ads make games more realistic”. Extremely interesting…for are we really saying that games are unrealistic without advertising? It’s definately a debateable topic.
Also, Gamasutra’s got a Postcard from Rich Vogel (Stars Wars Galaxy, Ultima Online) “How to Manage a Large-Scale Online Gaming Community”. And there’s a paragraph about Viral MMO Marketing which was…umh…informative…yet not?
Just wanted to post these two links. I’m spending Friday night at my parent’s because my internett is down…and well…seems I couldn’t manage weekend life without being connected! Troubling, I know…but I can’t help myself!! Anyways…concentration is a bit low, but will get back to this another day with more focus.
I will however mention that at the First Tuesday seminar last month I asked Funcom’s Jørgen Tharaldsen whether they consider using advertising in Age of Conan as they do in Anarchy Online and I dare say he snickered at me. And if memory serves me right he mentioned that Age of Conan was a fantasy world and therefore the possibilities weren’t as evident, but he also mentioned that he wouldn’t rule it out. Hmmmmm…..

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