Casual online gamers 49 % women 51% men

Isn’t that an interesting ratio? So we can say that free casual online games are just as likely to attract women as men…pretty interesting! I’m wondering why. Does this mean that women are discouraged by the seriousness of games? Or that they just don’t see the point of spending money on games?
These are numbers that have come out of a report by Nielsen. The report also notes that the gaming demographic is expanding to include more mature males with reasonable incomes (what a shock!).
They note that MMOs are becoming more popular and gamers are using more of their tv time to play games, concluding that advertiser should seriously start considering MMOs as an advertising forum to reach these demographics.

Gamasutra and BusinessWeek have more indept articles on the report. I’m blogging on borrowed internet time so I’m still blog rushing (he he..can I say that?). I’m still unconnected at home and I’m seriously considering showing Telenor a big fat middle finger!

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