I wanna I wanna I wanna!

Wow! This looks like something that I would absolutely LOVE to attend!!!


I mean…just look at it!!

  • Craig Newmark – Craigslist giving a keynote about “how simple interface and an easy-going zen attitude have helped Craislist make life better for millions of users”.
  • Umm…you know what? I don’t even know which ones to pick out THEY’RE ALL THERE!!

Jeez! And just look at the topics!!

  • The Future of Education in a Digitally Convergent World
  • Why Are Women Invisible on the Web: Whose Butts Should We be Kicking? (I didn’t even know we were invisible)
  • Serious Games for Learning
  • Secret Sex Lives of Video Games (with Tony Walsh and Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace….sigh)
  • There’s just so much darn interesting here it’s useless listing them all!!!

I always discover these things way too late, so there’s no chance of getting any funding (as if I could write a paper anyways)!!! But I wanna wanna wanna!!!!! This is just so filled with interesting stuff on blogging and games – I really should be there, shouldn’t I?

Sigh….cry…sigh! I wish I was a rich student!!!

3 thoughts on “I wanna I wanna I wanna!

  1. Ludlow’s actually on a panel about virtual-world entrepreneurship (although I expect plenty of heckling from him during the game/sex panel). Wallace, myself and three other folks are on the secret game-sex panel.I was at the conference earlier this year and found it to be incredibly useful (notes found via this tag on my blog). So many of my interests in one place. I’ll try my best to blog notes from the panels I attend in 2006. It’s a pity you can’t be there, but hopefully you can follow the events via the note-bloggers. A few people kept notes last time.

  2. Oh, I beg to differ Craig!!! Would’ve been great to hear you speak!And thanks, Tony! It would be lovely to read about it! And thanks for the Peter Ludlow correction!!

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