The female orgasm and computer games

My oh my…this truely is a smart way to go!! Heather Kelley has designed a game ‘patterned after the VARIETY of female sexual response’ for females! I love it!! It’s called Lapis and Kelly writes: “The hope is that the game would entertain females – without them ever needing to understand the sex metaphor. But at some point when they did start figuring out the connection to their own sexuality and pleasure, they would have learned some ideas and techniques behind sexual satisfaction”.
You’d think that this was a totally new and revolutionary way of thinking…but it’s not, as we all know, because we see such metaphors all the time in games only from a male perspective! I love it, and agree with Guardian Gamesblog that it’s a work of genious!
Haven’t given the demo a go yet, though (I’m at work and I’m still waiting for my new modem!), but I can’t wait to try!!!

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