Women and Online Gaming

I’ve just added T.L. Taylor’s “Multiple Pleasures. Women and Online Gaming” to my Paper’s list her on the right. I’ve only skimmed through it so far, so no chance of a breakdown.

It occurs to me, however, that this is a part of my TSO experience I really haven’t discussed on this blog. Although there seems to be an influx of women moving in to MMORPGs, TSO is and always has been mainly populated by women. Pretty much 5 females to 1 male player. And I’ve encountered so many amusing stories when it comes to gender. I suppose one that stands out, has to be when I met a group of male homosexual players. First of all they were just great fun to talk to and so extremely refreshing. I suppose refreshing, because sometimes ‘talk’ in TSO was so extremely claustrophobically lovey dovey sweet and to meet people who actually understood irony and had a sense of humour was just heaven! But one of these homosexuals had a sense of bitterness and was very sensitive indeed. He told me that he hated the way he could become friends with a woman, get along with her beautifully and when he told her that he was gay, she would become upset, mad and ‘dump’ him. This had apperantly happened to him often. I was very suprised. I was sure that when he was going to explain to me how discriminating TSO’ers were, he would tell me how the males would react to his homosexuality, not the women. Which I suppose got me thinking about why women play TSO. To find a mate? It just seemed so ridiculous to me. But most people that I met in-game had some story of love and betrayal that had emerged in-game but had overflowed to their ‘real’ life. I mean the place was just overflowing with them. Two people finding each other in-game and then meeting in real-life and the DRAMA!! Soap opera has absolutely nothing on TSO players! But is this what attracts female players? I really don’t want it to be. And I honestly don’t think that it is, either.
TSO is generally a REALLY boring game in itself and I suppose this is why such drama occurs. The same reason that TSO’ers create their own imaginative entertainment and games, is the same reason why drama occurs. But why do women choose to play this game?

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