Pulmonary thrombo-embolism

Yup…this seems to be the name for what’s killing online gamers. According to Eoh Gi-jun, the head of the Korea Computer Life Institute (the what institute?!!!), online games have more competition stress, than the games of the 80s, so people can’t stop playing. Dr. Song Hyeong-gon of Samsung Seoul Hospital’s Emergency Department says “Because they are stressed by the obsession with winning the game, they consume a considerable amount of energy. In such a physically exhausted condition, exposure to bright colors or stimulating images on the screen is likely to irritate the cerebral cortex and can cause sudden death”, reported in Chosun Ilbo.
According to Terra Nova blogger, Mike Sellers pulmonary thromboembolism ‘is a blood clot blocking the pulmonary arteries (those leading from the heart to the lungs)’, which pretty much tells me very little of what gaming has to do with anything, as he rightfully points out.
‘Exhaustion’s a word that comes to my medically ignorant mind, which I presume can happen by doing anything several days on end! I’m much more stunned that Korea has a Computer Life Institute – will have to investigate that a bit further (huh…don’t I say that in every blogpost?). But dear readers, do not distress!!! Our savior has come, Playlimit, which GamePolitics amusingly call the gamer chastity belt! I can’t wait to see what game gamers are going to create from this device…for they will you know! He he!

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