Merry Christmas

I’ve been trying my best to delay Christmas a week, but time, it seems is not on my side!
So what should my first ever Christmas post for this blog be? Shall I share with you my frustrations of Christmas shopping and tell you that Spiderman is the best place to shop for computer games in Bergen? Or shall I maybe introduce you to a few hillarious articles about “How to Shop for a gamer”? Maybe I should give you my take on the best games of the year? Which seems pointless when my current favourite is 2000’s American Mcgee’s Alice. Or shall I introduce you to some great free Christmas games? And not free games?

Or maybe I should tell you about great things to do in Bergen at Christmas? Or the best way to decorate a Christmas tree? Or create a nerdy Christmas quiz about myself?

Or how about this… to all of you who found yourself linked in this post, Merry Christmas!! Thanks for some amazing reading and news this year!! You’re all entertaining and informative writers, don’t know where I’d be without you! (maybe finished with my thesis?)

Merry Christmas all and to anyone else dropping by my blog, its an honour to have you as a reader!

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