Fake Virtual Reality

Ever informative, Clickable Culture has a post on a ‘Second Life’ fashion show that’s to be hosted and produced by MTV for ‘Overdrive’. So I stopped by Overdrive to have a little look and I felt bombarded by ‘hype’ and so many hip words, I really couldn’t tell you what they’re going on about. MTV still hasn’t been able to rid itself of the high blood pressure desperation of clinging to hippness of American youth and I’m reminded of why they lost their ‘coolness’ in my time! Or maybe I’m just too old and un-american for MTV? Possibly.

Anyways….I just had to post this wonderful comment:

I love this! It seems from my naiv point of view that Mr. Walsh feels that an MTV hosted fashion show will misrepresent Second Life. That it will make the world seem more flashier and spectacular and future players will be disappointed when they move to Second Life for it won’t be as glorious as MTV showed it to be! Well isn’t this interesting…and I have to say…quite sweet really. Just as MTV has earlier showed fake ‘real life’ they’re now to show fake ‘virtual reality’ – which I find somwhat ironic since most MTV watchers I know, only watch it for the ‘reality’ programs.

My own personal opinion? If anyone’s going to bring avatar life to the tvscreen successfully, it sure as hell ain’t MTV! And I think it’s so interesting that we’re thinking of how tv producers can misrepresent the reality of virtual worlds, but that just may be my nerdy humour taking control of my fingers again!!

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