Disease, reproduction and justice in MMOs

Thanks to Ren Reynolds at Terra Nova I’ve spent the whole day trying to find out what MMOEG (MMO Erotic Games) and MMOVSG (MMO Virtual Sex Games) are. He has a post about how several of these games are popping up for release in 2006 and I suppose he’s questioning whether they’re needed or not or if the ‘serious’ MMOs should start considering adding more adult content.
I remember reading somewhere, that sex in MMOs most often occurs when players become bored (I still haven’t figured out where I read that, but I’m sure Dibbell has something to do with it, sorry!). And I’ve always kinda agreed with that as I think MMO machinima is created when players ‘linger’ while waiting for new quests a.s.o. So I’m wondering…what are these players gonna do when they need some time-out from gameplay?
Anyways!!!! This all reminded me that I wanted to have a closer look at Sociolotron (I wouldn’t feel comfortable entering the site at work). This place is amazing! If it wasn’t because of the sex thing, I’d love to explore this place! They have disease in their game and get this…you can die and actually go to hell (bringing all your skills and posessions with you, of course)! I love that! And thinking of the popularity of the accidental WoW plague, I’m wondering if this is a part of gameplay that’s missing and wanted in MMOs. Some or one of the diseases (not really sure) can be sexually transmitted (so do they have virtual condoms, I wonder) and get this….women can become PREGNANT!!!! Which can also be prevented in the form of anti baby pill or you can have an abortion! Incredible! This does not entail having to take care of a toddler however (at least that’s not how I understand it), it’s sole purpose is that if you die you can have a heir to all your property so if you or your co-reproducer die, can start playing the…umh…heir.
And they have a remarkable justice system! Ok…I’m very confused about what entails as a crime in this game but a detective gathers evidence and then accuses a suspect, then:

I definately need to contact these people and see how all this is working out. I mean do people actually want to be elected? Do they appreciate the position or is it a hastle? And furthermore…they begin by saying that since the game is for players 21 yrs above, they feel they’re ridding themselves of 90% crime!

Extremely interesting! And MMOrgy (which isn’t half as bad as it sounds) informs me that you can reproduce in Second Life, as well!

So that’s it! I’m off to get addicted to Second Life now, let’s face it…it’s inevitable! Also got 14 days of WoW play from my darling sister! I’m never gonna see my friends and family again, am I? LOL!

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