Virtual Prisons

Excellent! Clickable Culture yet again informs me of an interesting development within the virtual world of Second Life! It seems a player has been bad, but not bad enough to get banned so Linden Lab sent him to an eery corn field as a form of punishment, instead of the usual suspension! I love it! It’s exactly what’s been missing! An imaginative way of dealing with petty criminals! I mean, there’s so many ridiculous suspensions going on in MMORPGs, they might as well have a little fun with them! And what better than a cornfield resembling the ones found in almost every horror film I’ve ever seen. Even better….make it incredibly boring so the player will learn from her mistakes and other players can have a little peace from the ‘criminal’! I love it! Sociolotron has a prison as well (forgot to mention that in my last post). Ridding the ‘good’ players of the ‘criminal’, but also giving some entertainment to amuse the punished! Brilliant!!!! This is exactly the creative force I expect from game designers!

Picture completely stolen from Clickable Culture and taken by Nimrod Yaffle (hope you guys don’t mind)

One thought on “Virtual Prisons

  1. The Corn Field is an intriguing development to be sure. It’s probably in Linden Lab’s best interest to demystify the area, perhaps by opening it during “visiting hours,” so that Second Life residents don’t commit crime in the hopes of visiting The Corn Field. There was a lot of curiosity expressed recently in the Second Life community regarding the prison, simply because Linden Lab hadn’t announced its existence, except to those banished there.

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