Call for Machinima papers

Grand Text Auto has a post calling for papers for Henry Lowood and Michael Nitsche’s book, The Machinima Reader.
So far, I’ve only enjoyed machinima and have no desire to pursue anything academically, but it would be lovely if someone from Infomedia (or anyone at our university) was looking into it! Know of anyone?

Anyways! The CfP states:

  • “In our organization of The Machinima Reader, we will recognize that the creators of Machinima have been at times just as concerned with demonstrating mastery of technology and gameplay as in artistic expression or narrative performance”

My thoughts go back to The Movies. Can a producer of a movie through The Movies be as respected as other Machinima producers? I mean, it looks like a game that even I can produce something in! There’s no mastery of technology involved but maybe a mastery of gameplay? I’m not too comfortable labeling these films as Machinima…am I the only one? There’s definately artistic expression and narrative performance, just look at The French Democracy! But is it good enough to be Machinima?!

That’s just my rambling thoughts!! I really should play the game before I speak my mind, shouldn’t I?!!!

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