Game Tycoon

Every once in a while I stop by Game Politics (used to be daily but I’ve been more reluctant ever since American politicians went crazy with legislations) and it is always a pure joy and educational!
Today they introduced me to David Edery, who runs the excellent blog Game Tycoon! Turns out, this is a man after my own heart (is that the expression?)!
He’s made an excellent list of the unresolved legal issues in MMOs. Unbelievably, my untrained legal mind is writing about 8 of 9! Which reminds me what a complete and utter moron I am for choosing this topic with only a Bachelor in Media Studies!
Also, he has an article published in Gamasutra; “Enhancing the Effectiveness of In-Game Advertising”, which is remarkable! I really couldn’t agree with the man more! He mentions that advertising works better if the recipient is in a good mood, therefore placing ads on billboards in a scary game, doesn’t really have much point! But what of placing actual advertising objects in the ‘feel good’ parts? Or MTV doing a DDR vj’ing thing? I’m not going to republish all his brilliant ideas here…just thought I’d mention a few! Either way it’s refreshing to read someone writing about advertising in games without predicting the end of days or just thinking of all the money that can be made! There’s a lot of great creative potential here and ofcourse we need to make sure it doesn’t get overly excessive….oh I’m just repeating myself and boring you now!
Either way…it was a pure joy to find David Edery, and I’m adding Game Tycoon to my blogslist!

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