Bohemian All Your Base Rhapsody

So…in the spirit of a new year I’ve now tried to set up a ‘workplace’ here at the university with high hopes of being much more productive! I want to write at least 5 pages a day!
But here I am on my first ‘productive’ day in 2006, 6 hours later than I intended to be here, and well…I’ve found that the mind wonders sitting alone at a desk here as well!!
I’ve been reading James Grimmelmann’s “Virtual Power Politics”, and getting so many great ideas for my own project. I like Grimmelmann’s thoughts and it’s lovely to be entertained with amusing ‘over the top’ sentences like:

“Exploits have the feeling of alchemy: arcane secrets that produce virtual gold out of thin air”

Yet again, however I find my curiousity being lured to the information beyond my fingertips and had to look up who James Grimmelmann is! Which has then led me to this little number! It’s a parody of the opening sequence of Zero Wing, which is of course very famous for it’s “All your base are belong to us”. I thought it was amusing…and thought maybe other people might like a little light entertainment! I can’t decide whether I’m greatful for studying such a subject that leads me on to a good laugh every now and then or if it’s a royal pain in the —, because I put off all the serious work!!!

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