Newsnight’s Geek Week

BBC’s Newsnight has devoted an entire week to geekism (what a lovely and novel idea….why do I live in such a bad tv country?!!!!) and Paul Mason has a report on the realism of virtual worlds (my words…but best way I could sum it all up). It’s a good report, really…I think it has to be one of the best summaries of what’s going on with MMORPGs these days, that I’ve seen! Ofcourse there’s a lot of yooha that we’ve heard several times before like ‘real’ businesses, ‘real’ money and powerleveling!
So…making this a sort of summary post for myself as well…I might as well mention that Terra Nova’s blogger, Dan Hunter has an interesting post about his experience of playing a character that has been powerleveled. Something about the unrealism that and detachment he felt, it’s interesting!
Also…I might as well mention that the beginning of the new year brought the death of Asheron’s Call 2. Wonderland links us to a sad documentation of the last hours and Wired’s Clive Thompson also has an interesting article about the impact of such a world closing down! These are all great documentations of how MMORPGs are definately not just games. But we’re way passed that now, aren’t we?

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  1. Thanks for that. Feel free to get in touch. It is my ambition to be quoted in as many doctoral theses as I can before I die! Regards. Paul Mason BBC Newsnight

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